Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fresh Baked Place Value: A Grade 1 Math Resource

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

The time is approaching for Grade 1 students (and many kindergarten students as well) to be introduced to place value, and some have already begun working with this concept (your little one may already be working with this mathematical concept). This resource is is intended to help students master the teen numbers (11-19).  Click on the picture below to get this resource. 

Included in this resource are four interactive activities that, insha'Allaah, help solidify students' understanding of place value. The activities in this pack can be used as morning work, for small group instruction, in math notebooks, or as homework. Instructions are included for each activity for the classroom and for homeschooling use. 

Each activity, is interactive, making it ideal for use in math notebooks, or for individual and small group instruction. The activities include: 

 - Eggs in a Bowl: Students use pictures of two eggs, each with base ten rods and cubes on them, to show the number that is on the mixing bowl. 

- Fresh From the Oven: using place value cookies, students partner up and take their cookies out of the oven and then record which number is represented on each cookie.

- Place Value Bingo: this game features numbers represented by base ten blocks on the playing card. Students hear or are shown a number in its numerical form and must match the base ten representation to the numerical form of a number. 

- Place Value Flip: individual cards have numbers from 11-19 represented by base ten blocks. Students fold and glue the cards into their math notebooks and flip the cards up and write the numerical form of the shown on the card.

Also, many have asked about translating resources from the blog into languages other than English. While I certainly understand the importance of having resources readily available for homeschooling, I am unable to authorize converting files or modifying them in any way. The companies who own the clipart that I use specifically state that all images must be locked down so that the file cannot be modified and the images lifted (i.e. taken and used without being purchased from the respective company). Additionally, I also request that the files be left in their original format and not be modified in any way. A lot of work goes into making these resources, and I sincerely appreciate the terms of use being respected and adhered to. To help those of you who need resources in a language other than English, I have been researching a way to make the files editable and still respect the terms of use of the companies and still maintain my own terms of use. Your patience is requested and appreciated as I continue to look into a way to make this possible. 

In the meantime, this resource has very little text on the actual resources (on purpose) to make using it easy, regardless of the child's instructional language.

Why isn't this a free resource? Click here to learn why.

Enjoy insha'Allaah!

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